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Illegitimate Dir. Adrian Sitaru

  • Romania
  • 89 mins
  • 2016
  • Drama
  • Colour

17:15 Thu 24 Nov 2016 Cinemobile €10/€9 EXPIRED

16:45 Fri 25 Nov 2016 Cinemobile €10/€9 EXPIRED

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  • Illegitimate 1-web

Director: Adrian Sitaru
Original title: Ilegitim
Language: Romanian
Main Cast: Adrian Titieni; Alina Grigore; Robi Urs; Bogdan Albulescu
Colour | 89 min

Winner of the coveted Jury Award at the Odessa Film Festival, Sitaru’s dysfunctional family drama addresses different taboos in society and how they are shaped.

Accusations hang in the air from the superb opening scene of this film which chronicles moral dilemmas within a close-knit Romanian family, illustrating how difficult it can be to draw lines and recognise boundaries. The topic of illegitimate love sits at the forefront of this film which questions the line between what is moral and what is legal. An unexpected pregnancy forces each of the characters to make uncomfortable choices as a possible abortion looms large. Not only is this a timely drama, it is a superbly constructed and brilliantly acted one, where every family member has a stake in the outcome. The co-writer and lead actress Alina Grigore will be in Kilkenny at the weekend to present this exceptional film.

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