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The Angela Awards

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Hosted by Pauline McLynn, the sixth annual Angela Awards acknowledges the achievements of talent from across Europe and the presentations are made by well known actors, writers and directors from the Irish film industry. It’s a substantial and significant evening, but the tone is celebratory and fun with live music provided by The Camembert Quartet.

This is a popular event with limited tickets, so early booking is advisable.

The awards are named after the late Angela Cook, an avid film fan and supporter of the Arts.

  • 2016 Angela Award Winners

    Slaven Doslo
    NEXT TO ME, Actor

    Elias Munk / Laura Kjær
    WHEN THE SUN SHINES, Actor / Actress (shared)

    Krista Kosonen
    THE MIDWIFE, Actress

    Johan Heldenberg

    Aleksander Kott
    TEST and INSIGHT, Director

    Alina Grigore

    William Conacher

    Nora El-Koussour
    LAYLA M, Actress

    Daniil Vorobyov
    OUT OF LOVE, Actor

    Manal Issa
    PARISIENNE, Actress

    Dawid Ogrodnik

    Roland Møller
    LAND OF MINE, Actor

    Nigel Seale
    Lifetime Achievement, SPOTLIGHT

  • 2015 Angela Award Winners

    Johannes Bah Kuhnke
    Outstanding Performance, Force Majeure
    Raymond Thiry
    The inaugural “Out From The Crowd” Award, sponsored by threesixty
    Ana Geislerová
    The inaugural “Out From The Crowd” Award, sponsored by threesixty
    Katya Molchanova
    “One To Watch” Award
    Sturla Brandth Grøvlen
    Cinematography, Victoria
    Rebecca van Unen
    Outstanding Achievement in Casting
    Gijs Naber
    Outstanding Performance, Aanmodderfakker
    Jonas Smulders
    Spotlight European Breakthrough Award
    Anna Melikyan
    Director, Про Любовь/About Love
    Lybov Aksenova
    Spotlight European Breakthrough Award
    Kim Fupz Aakeson
    Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting
    Cecilia Frode
    Outstanding Performance, Stockholm Stories
    Anjela Nedyalkova
    Outstanding Performance, The Paradise Suite
    Vytautas Kaniusonis
    Outstanding Performance, The Gambler
    Peter Gantzler
    Outstanding Performance, Long Story Short

  • 2014 Angela Award Winners

    Marcin Dorocinski (Poland)
    Angela Award for outstanding achievement, Acting.
    Laia Costa (Spain)
    The Spotlight Breakthrough Award, Acting
    Panu Aaltio (Finland)
    European Breakthrough Award, Composition
    Yuri Kolokolnikov (Russia)
    The Spotlight Breakthrough Award, Acting
    Dennis Ivanov and Marina Shukh (Ukraine)
    Angela Award: Creative Development, Odessa Film Festival / Arthouse Traffic.
    Ellen Dorrit Petersen (Norway)
    Outstanding Performance, BLIND
    Slimane Dazi (France)
    Outstanding Performance, RENGAINE
    Gijs Scholten Van Aschat (The Netherlands)
    Angela Award for outstanding achievement, Acting.
    Carice van Houten (The Netherlands)
    Angela Award for outstanding achievement, Acting.
    Richard Sammel (Germany)
    Angela Award for outstanding achievement, Acting.
    Simone Bär (Germany), Casting Director
    The Angela Lifetime Achievement Award, Casting.
    Kim Bodnia (Denmark)
    Angela Award for outstanding achievement, Acting.

  • 2012 & 2013 Angela Award Winners

    Nikolaj Coster Waldau (Denmark, Actor)-Jasper Pääkkönen (Finland, Actor)-Frans Bak (Denmark, Composer)-Sacha Polak (Netherlands, Director)-Vlad Ivanov (Romania, Actor)-Jakob Oftebro (Norway, Actor)-Mikael Persbrandt (Sweden, Actor)-Lena Endre (Sweden, Actor)-Aku Louhimies (Finland, Director)-Jeanette Klintberg (Sweden, Casting Director)-Dome Karukoski (Finland, Director)-Nina Bjerch Andresen (Norway, Designer)-Magnus Martens (Norway, Director)-Antoinette Beumer (Netherlands, Director)-George Pistereanu (Romania, Actor); Simon Staho (Denmark, Director)-Robert de Hoog (Netherlands, Actor)-Jakub Gierszał (Poland, Actor)-Avy Kaufman (USA, Casting Director)-Danila Kozlovsky (Russia, Actor)-Hannah Hoekstra (Netherlands, Actor)-Laura Birn (Finland, Actor)-Peter Franzén (Finland, Actor)-Antonio De La Torre (Spain, Actor)-Pilou Asbæk (Denmark, Actor)-Askel Hennie (Norway, Actor)-Marija Pikic (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Actor)-Jessica Grabowsky (Finland Actor)-Agnieszka Grochowska (Poland, Actor)-Marwan Kenzari (Netherlands, Actor)-PerErik ‘Perry’ Eriksen (Norway, Editor)

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